Monday, March 9, 2009

a VERY tardy update

So, the disgusting snake was on the loose for two days and two nights. Too long if you ask me. I know I have caused some traumatic nightmares and uncomfortable thoughts, and believe me I was no stranger to either of those situations. The dang thing was coiled up under their water heater--sick! I peeked on the thing to make sure it was where it belonged (even though I think it belongs in the jungle far away), and it is in the cage with books piled on top so that this doesn't happen again.

P.S. It is actually a LOT smaller than I thought it would be, but still....


Scooter said...

Will we see you here at Easter time? And will you
come with your sister and family? Hope so, we love you
Lady, Our 1st beautiful girl! (Grandpop #1)

Rob and Juliann said...

Whew. Now I can sleep tonight and not have nightmares!