Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.....this is where the dial would stop

If I could turn back time.............

One of my favorite summers full of firsts:
*first race
*first rodeo
*first pack trip
*first time on a dude ranch
*first time hiking timp
*first time laughing so hard at fajitas
*first girls intramural softball team

Thank you summer of 2007


M.C. said...

What about having the best roommate ever that summer? haha i miss that summer SO much all of the time. i think that is where my dial would stop... if I could have Nate there more, too!

Rachel said...

You're right. That was one of the best summers ever.

Kaela Cusack said...

:) i'm glad i made the list! i LOVED living with you girls. FUNNY we are the first three posts!

iyouandme said...

AGREED. Summer of 2007 was the best summer of my life as well.