Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink Icing, Flowers, Chocolates, Poetry And More!

I have had wonderful valentine experiences. I remember growing up and having my place at the breakfast table decorated every February 14th. My parents were great valentines. Since I have lived away from home with other single ladies, it has been fun to collect the various items left on our doorstep throughout the day/night. Last year my family was going through a difficult time, and it was the year I received my favorite valentine.

Before I share the poem, I need to give some background. My grandpa had lost his struggle with Lymphoma just a couple of days before and I was heading home the day after Valentine's Day for the funeral....not the best situation. My ward did some creative name exchange for the guys to be our valentines. Later I found out that my friend Kyle Petersen had my name. This is only a small part of the gift I received, but it was my favorite!

February 13, 2008-this was on my door.

I've heard a little rumor,
that you're leaving town.....
On Valentine's Day.
It caused me to frown.

Sunday night at ward prayer,
I spotted Annie's shoe.
Stuck my hand in one next to it.
Your name, from which, I drew.

So I made the executive decision,
to give you time to travel and pack.
Valentine's Day will be delayed,
till the day that you come back.

This next one was left with a basket of goodies on Valentine's Day after he realized that I was still going to be around.

My first poem was in vain,
very much to my dismay.
My "inside" sources were slightly wrong.
So Valentine's will STILL be today.

Nothing that I could buy
would be good enough for you.
So please accept these treats.....
And don't forget to chew.

Everyone says that you're AMAZING!
And I whole-heartedly agree.
Hope you have a lot of pillow-talk.
Your friend, K.P.

That definitely lifted my spirits last year. Thanks K.P.!

This year I had a secret admirer. Monday night I got this note and some flowers. So sweet.

Hey Hot Bowl of Oatmeal,
Hope you have a good week.
~Secret Admirer

Thank you Saint Valentine and Quaker for another fun Valentine's Day!


Carly and Todd said...

Okay that is so completely random! Oatmeal? Do you have any idea who the oatmeal admirer is? That is hilarious.

Rob and Juliann said...

How sweet!