Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our 365 day parenting course

Charlie is spent! His day was full and celebrated and he is clueless as to why, but he was happy the whole time. He woke up to balloons around the house and a new toy in the center of the living room-- a tunnel. We had German pancakes for breakfast, went to story time at the library, blew bubbles, had a fudgecicle, played in the dirt, went running, had finger food for dinner, read stories, had a glow-stick bath, watched Baby Einstein Signs, opened presents, and had visits from friends. Now that he is asleep I can finally write how I have been feeling.....

I don't think I could have sat in a college course, taken endless amounts of notes, read multiple books, passed several exams, and come out knowing what I know now about parenting. Maybe it's because there are much deeper feelings, in my heart, than I could have had just by studying from an outsider's perspective.

The moments that made up the last 365 days have been all over the spectrum. As I sit here now, my thoughts are bouncing all over and I am hoping I can at least catch a few to document.

The most memorable moment of Charlie's first year, for me, was captured on video. Thankfully. I can't think about it without crying, let alone watch it without sitting in a puddle of my dripping emotion. The moment was holding him for the first time and having him stare right up at me and know exactly who I was.

Two of the most hilarious moments were: one, when I was pooped on in the bath (lots of yellow mustard-y newborn poop), and two (I'm not proud to admit this), when I full on peed my pants. Yes, I learned shortly after recovering that Keigls were a must. Too bad I learned that after the fact. I lost control of my bladder two months ago. Sean was taking advantage of the fact that I had poor bladder control and that I was giggling  uncontrollably. I felt like I did when I was in kindergarten and had to come back to class with a change of clothes-- that weren't mine. My pants were soaking wet and my pride went right out the door. Note* I ALWAYS have to use the facilities before I run, otherwise....

The moments I secretly love (even though they are problematic when I try to leave Charlie) are when he wants me. He always wants me to be close to him when we are in a strange place or surrounded by lots of people. I feel he is complementing me and telling me just how much he loves me. I guess I love complements and expressions of love.

The first fever kept me up all night! I was checking on him every half hour or so. I was sure that when his temperature reached 102 we needed to call an ambulance. Thank heavens Sean is much more level-headed in those moments.

The other hilarious moments have to be when I tried to change into a swimsuit, in a car, so that I could avoid changing in a public bathroom with a baby (the things you never think of). While changing into my swimsuit Charlie moved his way up to the front seat and brought a lot of unwanted stares our way-- as if the situation I was already in wasn't challenging enough. Also, trying to use a public restroom while holding a wiggling little one, so that he doesn't get covered in germs, is always a struggle. I have learned that I MUST use the bathroom before I leave the house and then to not drink anything while gone. (Most of the lessons I've learned in life are embarrassing)

I can never get enough of the cuddly moments. I could read him all 150 books on his shelf just so that he would sit on my lap and cuddle.

Secretly I was beaming with pride when 'Mamamamama' was the first word that was recognizable. He now calls me 'MaMom' and Sean 'DaDad'.

We say 'Uh-oh' instead of 'no', and it's cute when he recognizes that he did something bad and will turn around and say 'uh-oh'.

I didn't realize that boogers could get everywhere, when your child has a runny nose. Now it's a 'duh' comment, but seriously, I was naive. My left shoulder seems to always have Charlie markings.

I used to love dressing for the occasion, but now I prefer to wear a t-shirt/sweatshirt and jeans.

I used to never sing. Pandora is set to kids songs. Charlie and I sing and dance (he loves being slow-danced with, cheek to cheek)

My life is forever changed, and I love it!

His LOVES: dad and mom, books, being sung to, dogs, knocking blocks over, bath time, Baby Einstein, showering, nursing, Patty Cake (this saves us at church). Gogurts, finger foods, story time at the library, being outside, bubbles, being pushed in the stroller, sitting in the driver's seat, doing chores (laundry, dishwasher, and making beds), toilets, tampons, garbages (all the disgusting things), and walking.

His DISLIKES: being babysat, having his diaper changed, cold food (except gogurts), things on his head, having his nose wiped, his car seat, when you take something away from him, and when dad has to go to work.
So happy he found dad

Playing Peek-A-Boo

A FAVORITE chore: making the bed

Preparing himself for his next favorite task.

Second favorite chore: unloading the dryer onto the (clean) floor

The birthday gift

pleased with his new tunnel

birthday euphoria

Our new church distraction-- puppets

He was saying "mmmmmm mmm mmmmmm mmm"

The birthday boy before the birthday nap

Glow stick bubble bath


rjd said...

Wow where has the time gone. What a cutie. See's not so hard to raise Parents. Great year for all.

James said...

Happy birthday Charlie!

Will said...

Glow stick bubble baths are the best. Happy birthday Charlie!

Danae said...

It looks like Charlie had a full and fun birthday! Happy first birthday!

Carly said...

You got an A+ in that course! Such a fabulous mom. That is the luckiest little boy in the entire world and he's pretty dang cute too!

Desiree P said...

They grow so fast. You did great in your freshman year of parenting. Just wait, there is lots more fun to come.
And what a fun birthday! Now I kinda want a glow stick bubble bath for myself.

Dana said...

He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Jeana said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Ty and Jenn said...

Such a handsome little boy! First Birthdays are the best! This next year will bring even more fun surprises as he will want to become independent in so many ways. Cherish those snuggles.