Saturday, September 17, 2011

canned underwear

I am obsessed with building a food storage right now. Thankfully the ward that we are in has been pushing 'preparedness'. I've been to every canning and preparedness class that has been offered.

The preparedness 'fever' that I currently have is just getting hotter. I've made different jams (not freezer jam), and canned peaches. On the agenda for this week is canning chicken, brown sugar, and chocolate chips.

I am ill.

Sean better watch out, cause one day he will be looking for his underwear and it will be on the food storage shelf....canned! 

Charlie enjoys jumping in his jump-up, bouncing in his exersaucer, and playing on a blanket with his toys, while his mom is canning like a  freak.

My favorite picture of him this week; proof that he is teething. Poor guy grinds and chomps his gums, and is drooling quicker than I can cut peaches.


Malerie said...

The whole food storage thing overwhelms me. Will you share how you got started and your method to the madness? :)

James and Megan said...

Come see me Charlie!