Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sean's To-Do lists

Every day that Sean is at home he makes a to-do list. Every day. The man cannot have an unproductive day and apparently having a crossed off to-do list makes him feel super productive.

He tries to get me to make to-do lists, but I don't have the desire as often (or ever) as he does.

Today he had me fill one up with him.

I may or may not have added several simple 'to-dos' just so that I would look so productive. His items are slowly getting crossed off, but mine-- well, let's just say that I am sitting here writing a blog (which is one of my to-dos), while my little guy naps (another to-do), baking cookies (yep, another to-do), and looking oh-so-productive according to the 'list'.

Every now and then I may or may not add goofy things onto his list. If ever he steps out onto the porch to howl at the moon you better believe that he is doing that to check it off of his list. Sometimes he has to stop and dance the macarena, which gives him another check. All for the sake of productivity.

Oh, I love playing games on with my husband.


Jenna said...

Your to-do lists sound like mine. I even add things after I've done them just so it looks like my list was longer. I made one for my husband before the baby came and he just said well 5 of 7 is pretty good right? Oh well guess we can't all have husbands who want to be productive all the time.

Jenni said...

Haha I love this. You guys are hilarious. I would put "Buy wife flowers" on the list, as well as "Give wife massage". LOL

I am a huge To-Do List person too. It used to be an everyday thing for me, but now it's more like a couple times a week is all.

Unknown said...

OK I started a blog. I don't know how to add anyone so add me! Love your sister:)

The Way I See It said...

That's hilarious. I love it!