Monday, August 23, 2010

Over dramatic??

I probably deserve an award for being so over dramatic this last week. There are reasons why I was a little over-the-top.

Reason #1

I have watched countless women in my life go through pregnancy. In my mind I saw that they grew slowly, and didn't show until they were like 15 or so weeks along. I didn't know you could show that much at 12 weeks.

Reason #2

I work with a girl who is pregnant with her 2nd boy and is 8 weeks ahead of me. Our co-workers had us stand back-to-back and were shocked by how much larger I was than her. I know that we all carry our babies differently, but again, I was a little shocked.

Reason #3

One of my favorite co-workers is a VERY direct Russian lady. She has a grown daughter and a very THICK accent. She came up to me on Wednesday and said "Whoa girl, you are growing by the hour! Are you sure there is just one?"

Reason #4

After my first visit with the midwives I wasn't impressed. I felt we needed to switch to an OB and forget the whole midwife thing, despite how many people referred us to go to them. I had a crazy dream at 9 weeks about my upcoming 11 week visit. I dreamed that I caught the midwife being unprofessional, called her out on it, and started walking out of the office. She yelled at me and came up with the doppler to hear the heartbeat. She threw the doppler on my stomach in the lobby and said "there, ya happy?" I got angry and took the doppler and put it on the other side of my stomach and said "no, I am not! I am carrying twins, and you didn't even bother to check for a second heartbeat!" Needless to say, we left and didn't go back to them (in my dream), and I woke up feeling strongly that the dream was real and that we were going to have two babies.

I am a lot calmer this week. I called the midwife and didn't hear back until five hours later. I missed the call cause I was working. The nurse was the one who called and assured me that they measure for multiples when they do the first visit, by way of an internal exam- so fun. She said I measured normal. I calmed down a bit.

Sean and I also worked an event with the armed forces this weekend. We were sent to Akron, OH to conduct the periodic health assessments for the service men and women of the Navy and Navy Reserves. We get to work with a few Physician's assistants each time we do these events, so I was excited to pick their brains. They told me that usually small girls panic when they start getting big. They told me that there were two possibilities with my size at 12 weeks. They said that possibility #1 was that I started retaining the liquid that I need to retain, rapidly at first, but it will subside and be retained gradually from here on out. Possibility #2 is that there is more than one in there, and sometimes the second one gets overlooked.

I am calm, because I am thinking I just retained a bit more water. I am also glad, cause I skipped the chubby phase, and people aren't afraid to ask me about my pregnancy, they just see my tummy and it's obvious. For that, I am grateful.


Will said...

Not over dramatic. Just normal. I've yet to meet a girl who's content and comfortable with their belly-size throughout their pregnancy.

The Way I See It said...

I SO agree with Will. It'll all be just fine. Now, enjoy the other aspects of your pregnancy. There will be many more fun things for you to write about. Trust me!

Helena said...

I think it's totally normal for you to be worried. You care so much about this baby!

Desiree P said...

Your pregnant belly looks cute. Mine, not so much. If it makes you feel better I look more pregnant than you and I'm a few weeks behind you.

Adam and Jess said...

I'm so excited for you guys that you're pregnant!!! I'd say it's normal for any girl to freak out that she's growing too fast. I just remember my DR. saying the same thing, that some girls gain more in the beginning, others in the end and some are steady all the way through.
If it makes you feel better, I had more than a few people ask if I was sure I was only having one. Once I start to show, I show. The second time it made it worse that Lisa was only a couple of weeks behind me, prego with twins, and we were the same size almost our entire pregnancy. I can't wait to see you grow, it's weird to say but it's fun.

Ashley C. said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for you. Pregnancy is dramatic, so I think you're doing great! You look cute!

erika herman said...

To be honest, i am jealous. I am sixteen weeks and still just lookl ike i have a muffin top--like i have for about a month now. I keep waiting to actually look pregnant and not just thick. I think it will be exciting.

But, I think you are gorgeous and always have been! Congratulations!