Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Kind Welcome

A wedding and honeymoon post will come soon.

Sean and I arrived back in Pittsburgh late Friday night. We were just wanting to crash after all of the traveling. The day before we flew to Utah for the wedding we moved all of our stuff (in a VERY unorganized fashion) into our new place. So, Sean and I came home to a VERY messy apartment. We didn't care about cleaning up, we just wanted to sleep.

Before I could lay down, I had to respond to a call I received from nature. Into the bathroom I went. Up went the toilet seat. Out went a scream. Out of the bathroom I went--quickly.

Sean was laughing at me in the other room. I assumed he had something to do with the treasure I found in our toilet. I quickly told him what I had found, and he seemed completely surprised. I realized that he didn't have anything to do with this lovely surprise.

We had a loving welcome from a worm. Yep, a worm was in our toilet. I shouldn't have named him, but I did. I called our little welcome worm William. Sean and I realized that it could only mean one thing. Sorry if this is disgusting, but, we decided that the previous tenant, or repair man, had/has a parasite. Yep, we have a little breeding ground in our bathroom for parasitic worms-- YUCK!!!!

I cleaned the toilet, and thought that we wouldn't see anymore visitors. WRONG! Wanda the worm welcomed me yesterday while Sean was at school. I don't know what to do about this issue, but we are going to bleach the toilet and all the scrubbing devices that are used in it. I hope that kisses the parasites good-bye!

William- this was taken before we could clean the place- SICK!