Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer: The First Half

I get an 'F' on blogging these days. I will say that there are three excuses I have to give in my defense...

Excuse #1: Our computer is SO slow. It takes two hours to upload ten pictures. Sean said he helped speed it up, so this post will be the test run. Thank heavens for husbands. Especially handy ones. I mean handsome ones. Okay, handy and handsome husbands.

Excuse #2: I have been a napping champ these days. I am taking full advantage of Charlie's three hour naps. I refuse to schedule anything during nap time. It is the most sacred, untouched time of the day!

Excuse #3: I am sitting in a nest. I am a nester, or I am just nesting since nester is not even a word. I am currently sanding down our kitchen table and chairs. Sean will deal with the chemicals and stain the table and chairs. (Again, what would I do without Romeo?) Other projects I am deeply involved in are: making bows, finishing a quiet book (with my mother's help), and knitting our little lady a blanket.

Here is the first half of summer in pictures. Slow-to-upload pictures. Very very S-L-O-W.

The secret was revealed, in June, when I couldn't suck in anymore. (13 weeks)

A father and son favorite. Sean is such a fantastic father. Everything he is doing he includes Charlie. Charlie feels like he is a teenager, I'm sure.

A little rest as we scaled a rainy hike in the northwest.

Waiting for my mother's graduation ceremony to begin. Charlie was SO well behaved, especially since it was three hours long!

YAY! We finally have our mother back! Congrats to the graduate! Em and Shane even came up for the momentous occasion.

Charlie is Grandpa Randy's #1 fan! Here he is welcoming him back from a long bike ride.  Charlie would prefer Grandpa, then Sean, and then me, in that order.

Off I went to Girl's Camp, at the end of June. I went as Stake Activities leader and loved it! Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Joanie came up to hang out with Charlie during the days Sean had to work. Then Sean and Charlie came to join me at camp. Sean came as one of the priesthood brethren, and Charlie came as the camp mascot-- the ladies loved him and he loved the attention!

We have made such wonderful friends out here in the country! One of my very talented friends threw a 'splash party' for several little ones. There was a slip n slide, several pools, a sprinkler under a trampoline, several water tables, water balloons, and anything else water related. The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the mothers!

Off to celebrate Sean's 32nd birthday, on Baby Island. Thankfully my dad shuttled  three boatloads over so that we could party with the birthday boy.

Trying to get Charlie to look at the camera with the birthday boy....never did happen. 

Again, trying to get Mr. Charles to look at the camera. 
The next post, hopefully will be posted within the week, will be the later end of summer. Such a busy summer. Or is it that the three of us can't sit still? Either way, I am convinced I will be caught up with my posts this month!