Monday, June 30, 2008

Heaven On Earth

For my birthday this year I was given a wonderful surprise! My friend Tim asked me to be his date for a work trip to the Dominican Republic. All I had to take care of was getting a passport.

The trip was wonderful, but a little too short. I've never been to a white sandy beach or to a five star resort, so needless to say--I was in Heaven! It was an all-inclusive resort, so we just had to flash our bracelets to be able to eat, use the spa, and frequent the bars for pina coladas. We played sand volleyball, bartered at the small shops down the beach, played frisbee, checked out all the european men in speedos, went swimming, gathered around at night to play games, dressed up for dinners, swam with sharks and stingrays, held a stingray, went snorkeling, sat under cabanas to read, and I even danced with a dominican!

While in the Dominican Republic, I had some 'uh-oh' moments. The one thing I feel I need while prancing on the beach is mascara. With this blonde hair, my lashes aren't the darkest and I feel the need to wear just a little bit. While boarding the flight out of SLC, I realized I had applied mascara in the car that day and that my mascara would remain in the console, and not on my lashes, for the next week. I asked the airport employees if they carried any in their shops, and at each airport was disappointed. I would just have to have nude lashes! I remembered that I had primer in my make-up bag, so I decided to get creative. I put primer on my lashes and then very carefully painted them with liquid eyeliner-not an easy task. They were clumpy and yucky, but at least they were dark. The second 'uh-oh' encounter happened on the first day there. I decided to go a couple of hours without sunscreen, and was just fine. I began playing volleyball and my judgment became blurred. I forgot to put sunscreen on my shoulders. Yes, they were burnt and then blistered--yuck! I am now peeling, and sad that my vanity got the best of me. For my next trip I will lather up!

I loved the trip and am so grateful to Tim for taking me!